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Vaginal Tightening Wand Works Instantly

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The easiest way to get this effect is by using vaginal tightening wand. Easy, quick to use, and very affordable unlike lengthy and invasive surgeries that promise to do the same thing. The Serra Stick contains Indonesian grassroots that solves other vaginal health problems such as itching, irritation, odors, alum alumen and borneol proven to tighten the vagina naturally in 15 seconds.

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The Vaginal Tightening wand is a phallic-shaped herbal soap infused with powerful pearl powder and common cnidium fruit that effectively and quickly tightens the vaginal walls upon contact.It’s the third step in the Nuru Vaginal Health System that enhances the sensation, stimulation, and tightness of the vagina and increases the pleasure and intimacy of couples during sex.

Vaginal walls consist of fibrous muscle, skin, and ligaments. These elastic walls relax when a woman becomes aroused in order to prepare for intercourse or during labor in order to accommodate the passage of a newborn’s body. Over time, the muscles of the vaginal walls naturally weaken, much like other joints and muscles. We commonly think that age or frequent sexual activity results in less taunt vaginal walls; while these may be contributing factors, we should not overestimate biological factors that act as a de-elasticizing catalyst. Genetics plays a role, and childbirth can rapidly speed up this normal process. So what can be done?

Due to the sensitivity of the area, women shouldn’t just trust any product that claims to restore the tightness of vaginal walls. They should look for naturally occurring compounds that are not internally harmful. Fortunately, natural herbal ingredients have been shown to assist in strengthening vaginal walls. Use of these ingredients prior to intercourse can heighten sexual pleasure. The easiest way to get this effect is by using the Serra Stick vaginal tightening wand. The Serra Stick contains Indonesian grassroots, alum alumen and borneol: three proven natural ingredients.

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