FAQ- Serre Tightening Capsules

Usage recommended.

Minor: 1 boxes use for 12 days consecutive days to at least to get the result of tightening.

  • Women born with weak pelvic floor muscles
  • Excessive stress and strain on the pelvic floor from activities such as weight lifting.
  • it is possible to have vaginal relaxation due to just pure bad luck (i.e. genetics) or due to excessive strain on your pelvic floor (an situation similar to bearing down during bowel movements).            

Corrective maintenance, sometimes called "repair," is conducted to get equipment working again. Ideally you must use the tightening capsule for (2-3 months) 7 boxes use for 28 days consecutively at least to get the result of tightening consecutively to get the best result. After treatment, use 2 capsules per month to keep vagina tighten continually.

Medium:  3 boxes use for 36 consecutive days

  • Pushing, or heavy lifting
  • Vaginal flatulence (vagina farts)

Larger:  5 boxes use for 59 days (2months) Rejuvenating Gel Needed

  • Vaginal flatulence a queef, is air escaping your vagina
  • Serious Vaginal loosening-lack of friction.
  • Loose vagina due to childbirth - loss of sexual gratification.
  • Aging/dryness-poor muscle tone

Total reconstruction: 11 boxes 95 days (3 months) Tampon, Gel, Pill

  • Chronic stress and stress due to medical problems such as chronic cough, asthma, constipation.
  • Gynecological surgery
  • Induced abortion (must do all 3 products)

Child bearing in many cases, the damage to the vaginal walls and support tissues may be more extensive and actually affect the support of the pelvic organs such as the bladder, uterus and/or rectum. If this is the case you must use Repairing Tampon, Rejuvenating Gel, lastly Tightening Capsule

Example: If a patient gets a face if at the age of 50 will her face lift still be working perfectly at age 60, 70 or 80 years of age? The answer is an obvious NO!! Aging and gravity have untoward effects on all of our muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments. This doesn't mean the face lift is not working well enough to meet the needs of the patient, the same goes for vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

The primary goal of maintenance is to avoid or mitigate the consequences of failure of equipment. This may be by preventing the failure before it actually occurs which Planned Maintenance and Condition Based Maintenance help to achieve. It is designed to preserve and restore elasticity by contracting worn components before they actually fail.

Q: Can the vagina revert to its previous size after giving birth?
A: Thanks to elastic tissue fibers, the vaginal muscles expand to serve as a suitable exit for a newborn. Excessive sex, age, and of course, birth, will expand the uterine prolapse of the vaginal walls. Elastic variation will see a reduction. Even vaginal discharge may increase. Vaginal Soft Capsule will increase vaginal elasticity and return the vaginal muscles to their prenatal stages.

Q: Can the vagina lose elasticity due to an active sex life?
A: Think of the vagina as a rubber band. You can continuously stretch the rubber band and it will always retain its elasticity. However, the vagina will widen over time. The widening of the vaginal muscles will create a “loose” feeling during intercourse. Vaginal Soft Capsules can restore vaginal muscles to their original state, creating that firm, tight feeling.

Q: Can these capsules cure the occasional “vaginal fart” heard during intercourse?A: When the vaginal wall and pelvic tissue are loose, the vaginal anterior and posterior walls allow air to enter. When the outer vaginal wall remains opened, the entering penis will make a “fart” noise, which is sometimes referred to as a "Yin Chun" by Chinese medical practitioners. According to the treatment, Vaginal Soft Capsule can prevent vaginal farts from occurring.

Q: Are Serre Vaginal Tightening Soft Capsules safe to use if I have vaginitis or cervical erosion?
A: Yes. Vaginal Soft Capsules contain anti-inflammatory ingredients that alleviate vaginitis and cure cervical erosion.

Q: Does Serre Vaginal Soft Capsules come with any known side effects?
A: Vaginal Soft Capsules contains ingredients from 27 different kinds of natural plants. Since the ingredients are all natural, no side effects have been reported. Plant ingredients are extracted using advance nano-extraction technology, a cutting-edge extraction method. Vaginal Soft Capsule, considered a part of a new generation of women topical products, covers the entire vaginal wall and cervix after just one minute, helping cure vaginal inflammation, increasing vaginal contractions, proliferating vaginal lubrication, and restoring elasticity and softness. Vaginal Soft Capsules also increases secretion and sexual function for women with low sex drive. Vaginal Soft Capsules can also sterilize and kill vaginal bacteria. Because Vaginal Soft Capsules come in a small, discrete bottle, the capsules are easy to carry!

Q: What are Vaginal Soft Capsules like? How do I use them?
A: The capsule contains collagen parcels incased in a transparent liquid. Wash your hands before using. Lie down. Insert one capsule gently into the vagina about 7 cm deep.

Q: What are the main components of Vaginal Soft Capsules? What does the product do? 

A: Made from propolis, saffron, snake and 27 other herb extracts, Vaginal Soft Capsules treat inflammation, prevent vaginal dryness, and impede the aging effects of vaginal tissue.

Q: I have ovariectomies can I still use Vaginal Soft Capsules?                                    A: You may still use Vaginal Soft Capsules. The removal of the ovaries can lead to vaginal dryness, caused by an Oestrogen deficiency. A vaginal health product, such as Vaginal Soft Capsules, can effectively nourish and provide lubrication for the vagina.

Q: How long after an abortion or childbirth can I start using Serre Vaginal Soft Capsules?

A: After an abortion, the endometrium surface requires healing. Using the capsule on an open wound can cause pain. After 30 days, the residual embryonic tissue will be removed from the body, making for the best time to use the capsules after an abortion. You may begin using the capsules 42 days upon giving birth.

Q:If I have a dark complexion, Chloasma (Melasma) soreness of the waist, back pain and/or breast pain. Can I still use this product?

A: Gynecology disease, according to Chinese medicine, causes the above-mentioned symptoms. You can cure your gynecology disease using Vaginal Soft Capsules. Recommended use: 1 to 2 boxes (12-24 capsules per box)

Q: How long do the tightening effects of the capsules?

A: According to the treatment, women can begin feeling that after the first course 12 capsules “tight, contracting”, with long-term lasting effects.

Q: Are Serre Vaginal Soft Capsules effective for gynecology inflammation?

A: The capsules contain Cnidium, a powerful anti-inflammatory herb, as well as other natural, anti-bacterial ingredients. Using a nanometer-scale-molecular super method, the herbs penetrate the vaginal mucosa. Capsules can clean the inner vagina and allay inflammation and toxin. Capsules can help vaginitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, leucorrhea, pelvic inflammation, endometritis and gynecological inflammation.

 Q: After using the capsule, I have some black-blood discharge. What's wrong?

A: Black-blood discharge is normal. Women with gynecology diseases or who have had abortions may contain vaginal bacteria, toxins, and dead skin cells in the vaginal folds, cervix, and uterine cavity. The anti-bacterial ingredients in the capsules can kill the bacteria and exclude the inflammatory secretions

Q: Why do I feel itchy after using the capsule?

 A: Because of the vagina bacteria and toxins, the capsule can start to dispel the toxins that can stimulate the genitals and cause vaginal itching. When itching occurs, clean the vagina using water.

 Q: After using the capsule, I feel pain and a burning sensation in the genitals. Is that normal?

A: If you suffer from vaginitis and cervical erosion, injury may occur to the vaginal tissue, which can cause that burning sensation. Please note: This sensation is normal. If the pain is strong, stop using the capsules. After 2-3 days the sensation should disappear.

Q: The capsule liquid is not completely absorbed and instead remains on the outside of the vagina?

A: A cold body and uterus may be to blame. When the vagina is dry, it may not be at the proper temperature to absorb the liquid from the capsule. This is normal.

Q: Can menopausal women after 50 use these capsules?

A: Yes. Women suffering from menopause tend to suffer from vaginal dryness. Older tissue tends to become rigid and dry because of the imbalance of hormones. Women can use the Serre Vaginal Soft Capsules to prevent gynecology disease, especially cervical cancer.

Q: What about the effects of capsules?

A: Serre Vaginal Soft Capsules have undergone numerous clinical trials to confirm the tightening, detoxifying, moisturizing, and anti-aging effects on the vagina. According to studies, users can reduce vaginal dryness and cervical inflammation.

Q: Will the symptoms return?
A: Serre Vaginal Soft Capsules provide treatment and consolidation. They serve as both a temporary and permanent cure. Symptoms should not return after using the capsules.

Q: Is it suitable for women over 40?

A: Vaginal Soft Capsules are suitable for women age 18-60 year who remain sexually active. The physiological function of middle-aged women is in recession with 95% of women suffering from dryness or aging of the vagina. Vaginal Soft Capsules can tighten the vagina, prevent vaginal dryness and aging, and act as a treatment for gynecological inflammation.

Q: Do users tend to have black blood clots and other foreign matter discharged from the vagina?

 A: Vaginal Soft Capsules reduces inflammation, residual blood, and dead vaginal skin cells, after just 10 hours of use. Upon use, there will be inflammatory secretions from the vaginal opening because of the discharge. Upon discharge, wash the genitals with water. Practice good hygiene. Clean the vagina daily with soap and water.

 Patients with more severe gynecological inflammation will see more discharge because of the vaginal bacteria exiting from the genitals. As discharge starts to lessen, vaginal itching, odor, and pain will also disappear.