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The wand is designing to naturally engage the muscles of the vagina to increase strength and tightness. Combining the scientifically proven results of Kegel exercise with the innovative design of the Serré Stick, women are able to rediscover their confidence and rejuvenate their bodies in a natural way, without surgery or medicine.
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Usage Instructions

We recommend to use the Serré wand about 15 minutes prior to intercourse for the best tightening results.

Moisten the head of the stick under warm running water.

Starting with the wet end, insert about half the length of the wand into vagina.

Rotate the stick to engage the vaginal muscles.

Do this for about 15 to 30 seconds.

Do not leave the wand in longer than 30 seconds, as it could cause the vaginal muscles to overtighten.

When finished, take the wand out and clean with wipes.

Introducing The Serre Stick

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