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Serre Stick

Vaginal Tightening Wand Works Instantly.

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Serre Stick

Introducing The Serre Stick

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Usage Instructions

Wet the one head of the stick under warm water.
Insert the wet head into vagina about half of the stick.
Use 15 mins before intercourse. Rotate the stick for 15-30 seconds.
Do not let the stick in vagina more than 30 seconds. Or will make vagina over tightening.
Take out and clean the stick with wipes.
The stick will decrease 3-5 g for each application. Usually the tightening effect can maintain 3-5 days for each application.


I used it the same day I got it and it worked amazing! My husband noticed a big difference and so did I. Also, I have FOUR children!

– Emily Collins

It works and that's all that needs to be said :) I hope it will last as long as it says it does both the wand and the results :)

– Stephanie Burt

Ive had 3 kids and this product worked for me. Its better for both of us and there's no funky taste.

– Kerri M.

I have tried creams and none have worked as much as this did I would deffinatly buy another one for sure.

– Amanda

This product works great. Tightens within 10 minutes of use and tightness last 2-3 days. Made experience much more enjoyable.MUST MUST use lube. I would buy again.

– Soulful

It really did make me tight down there, Such a big difference, i feel like a new woman again! I havent had sex yet, but im pretty sure that my husband is going to love it! :D

– Labella1