Discrete Shipping on all Items: Plain Box or white envelope or USPS box.

United States Only
  • First Class Package Free shipping (4 to 7 business days)
  • Priority Mail 1-3 Business days
  • Priority Mail Express 1 to 2 business days 
Express shipment must be entered by 10am the same day to be shipped the same day. if your order is entered at 11:59am it will not ship the same day. 

Estimated Delivery Time: The estimated time of delivery is 1-5 working days, though some products may take longer.  

The details are mentioned on the products page.

We are committed to get your products to you as soon as possible.

Delivery Mode: All products are delivered through reputed courier service (USPS, UPS, FEDEX, etc.)

Insurance: All products are insured against theft and damages incurred during engages its delivery partners for the safe and timely delivery of its goods to its customers. Users will indemnify for any damages caused due to delay of product delivery or damages to the product during carriage.. email us at

Shipping Cost

Shipping Cost will be calculated during the check out process according to the selection of the shipping option. 

The total Shipping Cost will be presented in the last step of the check out process.

International Shipments To avoid unexpected customs fees or duties, check with the customs department in your country about its importation policies is NOT responsible for any sales taxes, customs duties or other taxes charged by your customs department. The shipment time may change according to various circumstances that are beyond the control of, and you are required to check the status of your shipment/s by using the tracking number/s at the local mail tracking system of your country. will not be responsible and will not be required to pay any payment and/or tax payments and /or any other payment and /or refund a payment, that will be required to be paid by you as a result of any delay and /or problem with the customs department in the shipment's destination country and/or any other problem that may occur during and/or after the shipment has reached its destination and/or any delay before the shipment has reached its destination. 

Incorrect Shipping Address

If the shipping address is not correct in any way, and the shipment  is return to our facility, will not be accounted responsible for any cost due to the incorrect address and will not have to pay for a second shipment unless the customer will pay for the second shipment, in case the shipment has returned to's address. If the shipment will not be returned to's address, will also not have to pay for the value of the products in the shipment and/or for a second shipment unless the customer will pay for the products and a second shipment. BEFORE any order will be shipped it is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that the shipping address in the order details is correct, and if it is not correct, the customer will change it or request's customer support to change it BEFORE will ship the order. will not be accounted responsible for any incorrect address due to any reason, since NEVER change a shipping address unless specifically requested to do so by its customers. The customer will be accounted responsible for any cost that will be caused due to incorrect shipping address , either the cost will involve the value of the product/s and/or the value of the shipment/s.