FAQ's Serre Cleansing Ball

  • DO NOT use any other Serre Product while using the cleansing ball.
  • DO NOT use Serre Stick while using the Serre Cleansing Ball.
  • DO NOT INSERT more then 1 cleansing ball into your vagina at a time.
Complete the process DO NOT USE two or 3 at a time.. This will only cause damage not speed up the process.. if you will not follow directions do not buy nor use our products...
This is not for anal use.. USE as directed on the information sheet do not make up your own directions..
No... Once you are done wait until after your menstrual cycle before beginning any other product.You can move on to another product AFTER your period.. DO NOT INSERT more then 1 cleansing ball into your vagina at a time.
Children and women who have not had any prior sexual experience still possess an intact vaginal hymen that offers them natural protection against infections. Inserting a cleansing ball would damage the hymen and increase the risk of bacterial contamination.
The serre cleansing ball contains Myrrh, Rhizoma Corydalis, Pawpaw, Ligusticum Wallichii, Red Flower, Borneol and other natural ingredients taken from herbal extracts. Once the serre cleansing ball is inserted, these elements work together with the intrinsic immune system of the reproductive tract to kill bacteria in the vagina, vulva, and uterus. It also has the added benefit of reducing vaginal odor.
The serre cleansing ball underwent rigorous sterilization procedures prior to packaging to ensure that it does not introduce any foreign contaminants inside the female reproductive tract. Also, since the serre cleansing ball elements are derived from pure, natural, herbal extracts, there is little possibility of eliciting an allergic reaction from the skin unlike other brands which contain plenty of artificial factors.
Do NOT use the serre-cleansing ball if you are not experiencing menstruation, are pregnant or suspecting pregnancy, or are breastfeeding. Inserting a serre cleansing ball when not on your period can reduce the good bacteria in your vaginal lining and can even cause toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Pregnant or breastfeeding moms can accidentally pass on the herbal ingredients in the Serre Cleansing Ball to the developing infant, which might cause problems for the baby. Women who have severe anemia, vaginal, uterine, or cervical cancer should also refrain from using this product.
No. The Serre Cleansing Ball only contains herbal medicines and extracts and cannot cause any type of physical or psychological dependency.
  • The internal environment of the reproductive system including the vagina, cervix, and uterus are cleared of any blood sediments and menstrual debris.
  • The product helps in the regeneration of cells and tightens the vaginal walls to improve muscle tone. Stubborn facial pigmentation and dark spots are reduced.
  • The secretion of estrogen is promoted which increases breast fullness and improves skin tone.
  • The product helps prevent vaginitis, cervical erosion, hysteroptosis, pelvic inflammation, adnexitis, leucorrhea, foul odor, fungus infection, and other chronic gynecological diseases.
There are six menstrual effects that you can anticipate:
  • Whitish or purulent discharge from the vagina.
  • Clumps of solids that represent necrotic or dead cells.
  • Blood products including clots.
  • Intermittent pain on the lower abdomen.
  • Itchy or dry skin and sometimes acne.
  • Edema or bloating.

    All of these signs may or may not be present. However, they are normal consequences of the menstrual period and should cause no alarm. The Serre Cleansing Ball helps reduce these symptoms by combating bacteria and infections.

Do NOT reuse the serre cleansing ball. The bacterial build-up and blood sediments that have been absorbed into it may lead to cross-contamination if the product is reinserted multiple times. Always open a new package for each use.
The Serre Cleansing Ball can be used after the first menstruation post-abortion, reproductive tract surgery, or childbirth. Using the Serre Cleansing Ball can help eliminate toxins, repair the endometrium, and reduce the risk of surgical complications.
Women who have vaginitis, cervical erosion, or reproductive tract lesions may feel a slight burning sensation and pain in the vagina, which is normal. However, if the symptoms are strong enough to warrant severe discomfort and prevent the performance of daily activities, stop using the Serre Cleansing Ball for 2-3 days until the symptoms disappear or diminish. Consult a doctor if they persist.
Yes. The Serre Cleansing Ball actually helps stabilize the menstrual cycle by increasing blood circulation and opening up the main and collateral blood channels.
Heavy menstruation is often associated with many conditions including uterine wall hyperplasia and uterine fibroids. If you experience massive bleeding and hemorrhage, consult a doctor.
Hemorrhagic conditions or prolonged bleeding is rare but can be caused by poor coagulation or thrombocytopenia, cervical erosion, uterine displacement or metrectopia, or abnormal menstruation. The Serre Cleansing Ball can still be used in these cases. However, it’s advisable to consult a doctor to solve the underlying problem.
The Serre Cleansing Ball stimulates the vulva which may cause itching. This often occurs during first use but will gradually diminish in a week’s time. To relieve the itching, the vulva and perineum may be cleaned using a fresh towel or cloth.
Although allergic reactions to herbal extracts are extremely rare, it may occur in some women. Those who have sensitive skin can also suffer from congestion and swelling since the Serre Cleansing Ball stimulates the epithelial cells of the vagina. These symptoms often disappear when the body begins to adjust after consecutive Serre Cleansing Ball uses. However, those who experience itching and allergies that interfere with normal breathing should stop using the Serre Cleansing Ball and seek medical attention immediately.
Women who use the Serre Cleansing Ball for the first time may feel dryness in their vagina. This sensation is normal and will diminish over time. However, women over 30 start to lose the natural secretion and lubrication of their reproductive tract, and using the Serre Cleansing Ball may worsen this symptom.
If you experience dizziness, you may have low-blood pressure or anemia, which are two common side effects of menstruation due to blood loss. If this is the case, use the Serre Cleansing Ball every three days and seek medical advice if the symptoms persist.
It is NOT advisable to have sexual intercourse while wearing the Serre Cleansing Ball. The serre cleansing ball contains blood products and debris from menstruation which could transfer to your partner’s penis. Remove the Serre Cleansing Ball three hours before sex and clean the perineum and vagina thoroughly.
The function of the Serre Cleansing Ball is to absorb blood products, discharges, and debris from menstruation, so finding these after removal is completely normal.
Most women feel light to moderate pain associated with menstruation. There is no treatment necessary if the pain is tolerable, and it is expected to disappear after your period. However, unbearable pain that prevents you from doing daily activities need to be reported to your physician.
You can still continue using the Serre Cleansing Ball. The herbal extracts can help relieve some of the symptoms related with upcoming menopause by stimulating the ovaries and reproductive tract cells, stabilizing the secretion levels of your hormones, preventing some reproductive and endocrine disorders such as adnexitis, vaginitis, and cervical erosion, improving skin tone and texture, and decreasing waist soreness and leg pain.
These symptoms are often caused by gynecological inflammation or blocking (a famous Chinese medicine quote says "The pain is cause by the blocking"). The Serre Cleansing Ball can help decrease this inflammation due to its herbal elements.
It is normally not advisable to resume sexual intercourse directly after childbirth because this can lead to lacerations and tears of the uterus, cervix, and vagina and contamination of open wounds. However, you can use the Serre Cleansing Ball after your first menstruation post-childbirth provided that you are not breastfeeding. The Serre Cleansing Ball can help kill bacteria and aid in the healing of any perineal injuries caused by the delivery.
Generalized vaginitis involves leucorrhea or a yellowish, foamy discharge that often contains blood and pus. This secretion irritates the vagina causing itchiness and a burning sensation. Using the Serre Cleansing Ball helps absorb leucorrhea and diminish these uncomfortable symptoms.