FAQ's Serre Rejuvenation Stick

It is a 100% natural feminine hygiene product that aids in the tightening of the vagina. This personal care item consists of natural Indonesian herbs. This safe method of vaginal care has been around for centuries. Grassroots from Indonesian mountains is the active ingredient in the stick that helps to reverse the wear on the vagina from rough sex, childbirth or too much sex. Working as a vaginal insert, the stick can be used before sex to create a temporary renewal of the vagina in minutes. Condoms can be used while taking advantage of this product although it’s not safe for pregnant women or those menstruating. Also works as a vaginal deodorant and disinfectant. Sold as Novelty Only. Colors may vary.
Grassroots from Indonesian mountains, Pearl stratum powder can detoxify Alum Alumen & Borneol deodorant to Eliminate odor.

Pearl stratum powder can detoxify are known for their ancient practice of jamu, or traditional medicine. Their land is home to many herbs that inhabitants claim have extraordinary healing properties. One of these herbs is called curcuma comosa. Curcuma comosa belongs to the ginger family and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It works by thickening epithelial skin cells found within vaginal walls. It also used as a natural remedy for vaginal dryness, excess vaginal discharge, and odor.

Borneol is commonly used in Chinese herbal formulas. It is derived from a member of the teak tree natively family found in Southeast Asia and Borneo. It is a natural organic alcohol. Think of facial toners that use alcohol to shrink pores and tighten skin: borneol works in a similar manner, except this compound is not synthetic. Borneol has additional properties. Chinese herbal formulas often use borneo to reduce stress and encourage relaxation. It is also used in traditional acupuncture to stimulate circulation and induce bloodflow, which are all very good properties for strengthening vaginal walls.

Alum Alumen is a naturally occurring mineral derived from sulfates of alum stone. The main ingredient is potassium aluminum sulfate. While this description may bring to mind images of bananas, tin foil, and sulfur, a careful analysis shows that alum alumen is none of those things. In fact, these ingredients form a powerful all-natural helper. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners use this topically and internally to stop bleeding or reduce hemorrhoids. In other words—like borneol, this is a non synthetic shrinking stringent. Alum alumen also heals itching and reduces vaginal discharge.



As a natural vaginal insert, the stick rejuvenates the vagina in many ways. Although tightening is the sticks biggest priority, it also prevents bacterial and fungal infections and can also get rid of embarrassing odor. As a feminine hygiene deodorant, the stick has no side effects. This miracle product is used as an anti-inflammatory and can protect you from viruses. The Serre Rejuvenation Stick’s effects can last up to 1-2 days and is fine to use when engaging in oral sex.
To use the rejuvenating stick you simply get the head of the rod wet with water from the sink for twenty seconds. Make sure not to leave the personal care stick underwater for longer or else it will completely dissolve. Once wetted, place the stick into the vaginal opening until it is 2-3 centimeters deep. Rotate the wetted stick in the vagina for no longer than 30 seconds. Over tightening may occur if you leave it in the vagina too long. After the fifteen seconds or so, remove the rod and clean it thoroughly. You can reuse the stick for up to three months if it is stored properly in a dry and sterile place.
  1. Wet the one head of the stick under warm water.
  2. Insert the wet head into vagina about half of the stick.
  3. Use 30mins before intercourse. Rotate the stick for 15-30 seconds.
  4. Do not let the stick in vagina more than 30 seconds. Or will make vagina over tightening.
  5. Take out and clean the stick with wipes.
  6. The stick will decrease 3-5 g for each application.
  7. Usually the tightening effect can maintain 3-5 days for each application.
  8. Not use the product during menstruation. And it is not suitable for pregnant or virgin.
  9. Tightening Rod last 3months after first use. After 3months throw it away.
  10. Do not use the Stick on your period.
In our time, everyone is trying to turn back the clocks and desire to offer a youthful body and tightened vagina to their loved one. It isn’t shocking that many women will spend thousands of dollars on feminine hygiene product creams or even surgery. Practicing vaginal-tightening exercises such as kegels can’t offer the dramatic effect the rejuvenation wand can. By using the vagina tightening stick, you can confidently use a 100% natural product and can feel the results. You can skip the nightmarish side effects of surgery such as bleeding or infection and can embrace an affordable answer. Not only will your orgasms be enhanced while using this product, your partner will enjoy the tightness and rejuvenation offered during intercourse. You’re initiating more sex and pleasure as well as boosting your self esteem. Never has a personal care offered such great results. Feeling younger and offering a youthful, intimate experience has never been so attainable until the Serre Rejuvenation Stick.
  • Do Not Use Daily it will cause over drying of the vagina.
  • For vaginal use only. Do not take by mouth.
  • Dispose the Vaginal Tightening Wand 3 months after its first use.
  • Do not put into urethra.
  • Do not use low uterus this will cause tremendous pain.
  • Do not use if menstruating.
  • Do not use while pregnant or nursing.
  • Do not use a tampon while using this product.
  • Virgin women cannot use the product.
  • Sold as a Novelty Only.
  • Colors May Vary.
  • Do not use this product if you have fever or vaginal pain; consult with your physician.
  • Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool dry place.
  • May cause allergic reactions make sure to test on small area before use.
If you have sensitive skin or allergic to any deodorants. Does your skin often become irritable after using regular shower gel, bubble bath or soaps? Sensitive skin is usually quite dry so can become irritated by harsh soap and deodorants do not use this product. Also, our products contain fragrance (essence oil); this can contribute towards the irritation. So if you've noticed that the fancy-smelling soaps leave your skin feeling funny, your skin is probably too sensitive for serre stick.
Every women is different, try leaving the stick for 30seconds, then the next time 60 seconds, no more then 2-5 mins. Proceed with caution significant over tightening will occur. Insert the stick and twirl around making sure all the corners of your vagina has been touched by the serre stick.
Everyone is different; Results may vary for each individual depending on the state of person's Lifestyle, age, weight, ethnicity and general health. Results can occur when commencing, decreasing/increasing dosages. Overall the product does work for at least 2-3 days without having to re-apply, the most we have heard is 5 days but not less then 2 days. If you are very sexually active or have had more then 2 children it will loosen earlier then expected.
Although rare some women do experience vaginal dryness . Use a personal lubricant after application.
2 years if you do not open the package. Once the package is open & used expiration date is 3 months from first use. Do not use the stick past 3 months from first use. Throw it away.
20-30 times in 3 months... 8-10 times every month for 3 months... Twice per week. Not including the week of your period...
It is the vagina walls getting rid of the toxins from your body.
Yes it is safe but he will lightly taste the sticks herbs; for best results so that he doesn’t taste the herbs use in the morning, by nightfall the vagina will release some of the herbs. Before intercourse; wash your vagina area thoroughly, this will help.
The product only affect mucous membrane, wont get into blood, so won't affect other parts of body.
Yes, If your vagina is healthy, no health problems and you have had the IUD for more then 3 months. Which means if you just got the IUD inserted you CAN NOT use serre stick for 3 months. If you have had complications with your IUD do not use the tightening wand.
The product cannot be used during pregnancy, if you find that you are pregnant, just stop using it won't affect baby. Children born to women who were taking vagina tightening no signs of poor health or development, no problems have been reported because the product won't get into blood.
Serre stick is safe during birth control Wait 3 months after Nuvaring Application..After 3 months, if her vagina is healthy and no health problems, she can use it. if she have health problems, do not use the vaginal tightening stick.