Serre Stick Vaginal Rejuvenation Lavender Extra Strength

Serre Stick Vaginal Rejuvenation Lavender Extra Strength
Serre Stick Vaginal Rejuvenation Lavender Extra Strength
[Upgraded]Vaginal Tightening Rejuvenation Stick with All Natural Herbal Blend, Vaginal Detox for Female Healthy Support, and Fast Result
Vigina Stick Extra Strength
Wonder Wand Works Instantly | Kegel Balls/Stick for Tightening - Natural Tight Rejuvenation - Doctor Recommended for Bladder Control

Serre Stick Vaginal Rejuvenation Lavender Extra Strength


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The Lavender Vagina Rejuvenation Wand is an all natural colloid infused with the richest herbal extracts which promote vaginal tightening, healing and repair. 

Provides a convenient and an affordable way for women who experience common vaginal health conditions get rid of their problems the natural way.

Primary Benefits

  • May Help with relieve painful period problems 
  • Promotes vaginal wound healing and natural lubrication
  • Decreases vaginal inflammation and reddening
  • May Helps delay menopause
  • Relives itching, irritation, and dryness
  • Gets rid of embarrassing odors and discharge
  • Optimizes vaginal pH
  • Prevents bacterial and fungal vaginal infections without harmful effects 

What makes Vagina Rejuvenation Wand unique?

The Vagina Rejuvenation wand is all natural anti-inflammatory product specifically designed for the vagina. It is easy to use and has no side effects unlike other anti-inflammatory treatments.

This means that women can get back their body’s health and comfort in the bedroom with daily use of the Vaginal Rejuvenation gel rather than spend thousands of dollars on other treatments.

Key Ingredients

  • Plant oils

Who should Use Vagina Rejuvenation wand?

The product is for sexually active women experiencing vaginal looseness. 

Directions for Use

  1. Thoroughly wash vagina.
  2. Slowly push in the delivery device at least 3cm deep into the vagina.
  3. Slowly turn the wand from left to right, for 1 minute
  4. SLOWLY remove the stick after 1 to 2 minutes

The Vagina Rejuvenation Wand cannot be used on a daily basis.

DO NOT INSERT the entire stick in your vagina.


  • The Vagina Rejuvenation wand is not for pregnant, menstruating, and virgin women.
  • Do not use if you have a serious vaginal disease.


One box of Lavender Vagina Rejuvenation Stick contains 90 gram individually wrapped.                                                                                              



Product Information

Gross Weight

Gross Weight




1 stick/box, L: 130mm, ∅: 23mm



Can be used up to 40 times



18 cm • Width: 13 cm Height: 5 cm

Why Serré Stick?

  • Easy to use with fast-acting results.
  • Noticeable vaginal muscle tightening within 15 seconds.
  • Safe to use and no side effects.
  • Some women have reported dryness from leaving the product in too long, so use as directed.
  • Money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with results.
  • Serré Stick also works as a vaginal deodorant and disinfectant.
  • No medical claims are warranted or implied by use of this product. Sold as Novelty Only.
  • Colors may vary.

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