3 Reasons Why You Want To Make Sure, Your Vagina is Strong

3 Reasons Why You Want To Make Sure, Your Vagina is Strong
  • By Serre Stick | June 11, 2018

When most people think about staying strong, the vagina is not one of the areas that come to mind. The vagina is a large muscle, which is really important to a woman’s sex life and her ability to give birth. Working out the vagina is different, as most people think that Kegels are the only way. However, there are activities like weight lifting that work better. Here are the 3 reasons that you want to make sure your vagina is strong.

  1. Intensify Partners Orgasm

 By working out your vagina, your pelvic floor gets stronger. A strong pelvic floor has been proven to intensify a man’s orgasm. Strengthening the pelvic floor only takes about a five-minute workout per day. You can have results in as little as a week, with the short 5-minute workouts.  

  1. Intensify Your Orgasm

 Along with making your partner enjoy their orgasm more, a stronger pelvic floor also intensifies your orgasms. The reason being that an orgasm is simply an intense muscle contraction. The stronger the muscle, the more powerful the orgasm is. This also makes it easier to have a G-spot orgasm since you are creating more tension around that area.

 Having a strong pelvic floor is important, but it is only a part of the many factors of a good sex life. Women are different from men in the way that sexual dysfunction works, it’s not just physical. Sexual dysfunctions are also psychological, which brings us to the next reason. 

  1. Increased Libido

 If you are like most women, you most likely do not think about your vagina unless you are having sex, or on your period. The problem with only thinking about your vagina during these times is that you are not thinking about its health. Your vagina’s health plays a huge role in your libido. The more often that you use those muscles, the higher that your libido will be.

Also taking care of your vagina when you are not using it can make your feel more confident. This feeling of self-confidence also helps increase your libido for longer than just the workout. Along with the increased libido, the rise in self-confidence also helps you in other areas of your life.

 Working out your vagina only takes about 5 to 10 minutes a day. However, the benefits that you get from these work outs can make a huge difference in your whole life.