Demystifying Vaginal Tightening Sticks

Demystifying Vaginal Tightening Sticks

Vagina tightening is often associated with several myths rather than facts. Probably, you’ve heard some of them too while growing up or, as a grown up. This is what makes women insecure about how they appear down there and how it can adversely affect their relationship with their partners.

A vaginal tightening stick does address most of their concerns but there are some questions that seem to linger in their minds.

In this write-up, we’ve attempted to demystify vaginal tightening sticks by taking a look at some hard facts. Read the following pointers to get a better perspective:

1. Over time, the vagina will always get loose -

Over a long period, you may feel that your vagina is looser than before. However, in reality, it is never the vagina that gets loose, but the vaginal walls and the pelvic floor muscle.

The mechanism controls how the vagina opens and closes, lending more flexibility. During intercourse, these muscles relax and at the time of reaching an orgasm, these tighten. The herbal sticks used to tighten the vagina helps tighten these muscles and therefore, restore their functions. As you can guess, they help in increasing the pleasure attained by both the partners during the act.

A vagina tightening stick may help restore the looseness of the vaginal walls, but only on a temporary basis.

2. Having too much of sex can loosen your vagina –

This is again an old wives’ tale. There are several reasons why the walls of the vagina may become loose, but it is not necessarily due to excessive sexual activity because that particular body part acts like an elastic that retains the original position soon after sexual intercourse.

Nonetheless, there are factors such as hormones and vaginal birth, which can lead to the loosening of the muscles. A vaginal tightening wand helps correct this without any side-effects.

3. The hymen cannot grow back with vaginal tightening stick -

There are several myths prevalent about the hymen and one of them is that it grows back post the vaginal tightening process.

However, the truth is that a hymen is just a membrane that can completely or partially cover the external vaginal opening. Once it raptures, it can never grow back irrespective of whether a woman participates in penetrative sex or not. Also, some women are born without hymen so growing it is out of the question for them.

4. A tight vagina is a perfect vagina –

While vaginal tightening wands do offer a number of benefits, there’s no thumb rule that says that tightness is always the yardstick of a perfect vagina. This is because every woman looks different down there and that. Moreover, their lady bits includes the vagina, the labia and the entire region around it. Hence, it doesn’t matter whether you’re loose or tight below the belt.

5. It is possible to lose a vaginal tightening stick in the vagina –

Thinking that you can lose any object in the vagina is baseless. Because otherwise, women all over the world, would lose their tampons or any other object for that matter, inside their nether parts! For all you know, the vagina does have a dead end that blocks the objects. Yes, there can be possibilities of stuff getting stuck there, but it is all few and far between. This takes us to the next point.

6. There are things you should never put in your vagina though –

We’ve discussed how it is not possible to lose any object inside your vagina. However, there are some things that you should deliberately keep away from your lady bits.

These include yogurt, douche, chemical-laced soaps or liquids, anything that went in the rectal region first etc. These can wreak havoc by messing up the pH balance and increasing the yeast or bacteria count. And in case you are wondering how to clean it, well, the good news is that the vagina cleans itself.

Therefore, you can safely do without these options!

7. Can a vagina be too tight –

A vagina in its normal state can make you experience pain or discomfort during sexual discomfort. That is mainly because it is unaroused.

When aroused, the vagina grows longer and wider and releases a natural lubricant to make the intercourse bearable and enjoyable.

The pain can result from several conditions like an infection, congenital abnormality or an injury. It can also become too tight if you keep herbal tightening wands for more than the prescribed period. However, it can return to the normal state in some time.

8. How many times can the vaginal tightening stick be used –

A vaginal tightening product such as Serre Stick works instantly (just by rotating the wet end in your vagina for 15-20 minutes) and it can be used several times a week. The herbal wand has ingredients that have been used since time immemorial. Hence, you can be assured of using it several times without any inhibition as opposed to creams, gels or pills.


Every vagina is different and just by relying on someone else’s experience, you can never take an informed decision. We hope that by reading these points, you got a better insight into how your vagina functions and more so, on the whole truth about vagina tightening sticks.