Discover a Tightening Stick with All‐Natural Ingredients

Discover a Tightening Stick with All‐Natural Ingredients

Regardless if you are on your middle age or you recently gave birth to a child, you may start to notice that you are no longer that ‘tight’ compared to how you used to be.  It may be an untouched subject, but most of the women experience this.  In case you or your partner is no longer reaching the ultimate sexual satisfaction, this organic tightening stick may be your natural alternative solution.

 A Comprehensive Review about Serre Stick

 Serre Stick is basically a tightening stick that magically tightens your vagina quickly.  It is manufactured using 100% natural safe ingredients which pose no threats to our health.  The natural herbal remedies that are packed inside this product have been used even during the ancient civilization which is proven effective and safe.  Here are some of the ingredients that make it so effective.

Alum Alumen

This is a naturally-occurring substance that is derived from the alum stone.  It has an organic substance that induces the instant tightening effect.  It can also prevent excessive discharge and itching that is commonly associated with menstrual cycle.


This product is extracted from the teak tree.  It is one of the most common natural herbal remedies by the Chinese and can be primarily found in Southeast Asia and Borneo.  It is quite similar to the witch hazel in a sense that it is also a natural alcohol.  It optimizes the blood circulation which is required in tightening the walls of the vagina.

Curcuma Comosa

 Curcuma Comosa belongs to the family of Ginger which is known for its high anti-inflammatory property.  This female herbal remedies has the ability to thicken the cells that are located at the walls of the vagina.  It also acts as a natural vaginal cleansing agent as it eliminates the excessive discharge, dryness, and odor of the vagina.

Pearl Stratum Powder

 This ingredient is a natural detoxifying ingredient and has been used for the traditional form of medicine.

 Indonesian Grassroot

 Unknown to the women of the west, the Indonesian grassroot is being utilized by the Indonesian women for ages as a product to tone and tighten their vagina effectively.  This herb is believed to rejuvenate the state of their vagina in just minutes after use.

The Serre Stick is designed not only to tighten your vagina but also to cleanse, freshen and deodorize the vagina to provide a long lasting fresh feeling.