Strong like bull

  • By Serre Stick | September 05, 2017

 Ok let me tell you, people..... I was iffy on this one. There are minimal reviews and it's not "cheap" but I figured I'd give it a whirl. After all, can you really put a price on beauty and youth?

I received my package in the mail last week and couldn't WAIT to try it out. In the past few months my boyfriend has been saying how I feel a little looser than normal. I was a little peeved at his comment but I want him to be satisfied! I would try to squeeze my PC muscles extra tight but I had a habit of holding my breathe while clenching and would get light headed and dizzy and once even threw up in my mouth a little from lack of oxygen!

I finally decided to take my problem seriously and purchased the tightening wand. IT TOTALLY WORKS! I don't know what kind of natural herbs the coat this thing with but WOW! Just a simple stick-swirl-and VOILA! The first time I tried it I was a little cautious as I didn't know if I'd have an allergic reaction to the chemicals, so I stuck it in, did a quick swirly swab and that was it. Felt a little tingly, but later that night he said he did feel a tad of a difference. But a TAD is not good enough. So last night I decided to bump it up a few notches. Swirl, swirl swab swab. I started swirlin that bad boy around and around like an electric eggbeater! After about 15 min I took it out and decided to go test the results.

I will say, DEFINITELY in moderation. He tried and tried and it was like trying to stick a marshmallow into a keyhole. After an inch or so he said it was pinching the skin of his weenis and it was squeezing too tight.

I'll say that this is an AWESOME product. Just be careful how much swirly action you use. Too little is not enough to tell the difference and too much will suffocate your man's meatstick.