Your Vagina is a Muscle—Learn to Protect it properly

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A loose vagina is a concern for many women. There are many myths about the tightness of a vagina, which usually leads to many concerns and fears in women. However, most of these concerns can be dispelled, by knowing how the vagina works, and how to protect it. 

Loose Vagina Myths 

Thanks to a lack of research for most of history, there are hundreds of myths about the vagina and how it becomes loose. From virgins having the tightest vaginas, to the cause of a loose vagina from having too much sex, to having children causing the loosest vagina are all myths, and nowhere near the truth.

The Truth 

The truth is that the vagina is not loose, it is a weak muscle. The pelvic floor muscle plays a huge part in how tight or lose a vagina is. The pelvic floor muscle surrounds both the vaginal wall muscle and the vagina. This muscle is what holds everything in place. The problem is that if it becomes weak, the vaginal wall muscle can fold and become stretchy. Working out the pelvic floor muscle is the natural way to tighten the vagina.  

Working the Pelvic Floor Muscle, and the Virginal Wall Muscle 

There are many ways that you can strengthen these muscles naturally. Here are just a few. 

  1. Have Orgasms 

An orgasm is a great way of working both muscles, as an orgasm is the muscles contracting. This means that the more orgasms you have, the more toned that your pelvic floor muscle becomes. There is also the bonus that the stronger your muscles are, the more powerful your orgasms are. 

  1. Work Out 

Yoga and Pilates have exercises that work the pelvic floor muscle. Most of these exercises are the ones that target the lower core muscles, so you are working on more than one muscle.  

  1. Serre Stick 

If you do not want to work out or have time to have a lot of orgasms, a Serre Stick could be the answer. The Serre Stick is a specially created soap with a pH-balance formula, which is used to clean and heal the vagina. Depending on your body’s chemical balance, you could have your vagina tighten right after using the Serre Stick.


Protecting your vagina from becoming weak only takes a few minutes per day. If you think that you need to tighten your vagina quickly, there are female herbal remedies that can help in the short-term.