Your Healthy Body Is For Your Benefit

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  • By Rivet Works | November 28, 2017

With magazines and websites pushing articles about weight loss, it can seem like everyone is thinking about weight loss and eating organic foods. While eating organic food and exercise helps with weight loss, these should not be the only reason to make these changes. A healthy lifestyle is important for your overall health. 

Sticking with a healthy lifestyle is much easier than switching diets every few months. There is also research that has found that dieting does not help with long-term weight loss. There are many benefits for switching to a healthy lifestyle to help with your overall body’s health that are backed by science.

Reasons to Workout:

  1. Antidepressant 

When you are feeling down, everything that you do is that much harder. Medications like antidepressants are important to many people. However, working out can act like a natural alternative for antidepressants in some people. One study found that after 4 months, 60 to 70% of subjects that added workouts to their daily activities could not be classified as depressed. The workouts, for many of these subjects, worked for longer than their medications. 

  1. Lower PMS 

While we know that PMS is going to happen no matter what, there are ways that you can lower your PMS by working out. A study about teen girls and PMS found that 60 minutes of cardio, 3 times per week, reduced the symptoms of PMS. This led the researchers to suggest that workouts are an effective alternative

  1. Helps with Allergies 

Allergy season is no fun with the watery eyes, runny nose, and the sneezing. Allergies can make it harder to workout, but you should still working out during these times. The reason is that new research from Thailand that found running for half an hour can lower itching, congestion, running nose, and sneezing up to 90%. 

  1. Helps You Resist Temptation 

Working out creates a high, and this high is a natural alternative to addiction medications. The reason for this is that working out releases endorphins into the body. Endorphins use the same neural pathways that addictive substances do. 

  1. Lowers the Risk of Metabolic Syndrome 

One of the major villains for health care is Metabolic Syndrome. It sounds scary and is the cause of three major health problems, which are increased blood sugar, cholesterol/blood pressure, and excessive fat in the stomach area. It is also a very strong indicator that you are going to have a shorter life span. However, before you run to the local funeral home to plan your funeral, you should know that you can reverse Metabolic Syndrome. Researchers have found that exercise can stop and reverse Metabolic Syndrome damage. It should be noted that exercises that allow the heart rate to vary during the workout work the best. 

  1. Lowers the Risk for Many Other Diseases 

There are way too many diseases that can be prevented, or where the risk lowers by exercising. Exercising has been called a health preventative superstar for a long time, and more research is proving that it is natural alternative to many medications that are on the market. When used with medical treatments, exercise can help with most diseases. 

  1. You will Live Longer 

The reality is that we are all going to die at some point, but you can extend your life by working out. There is research showing that you could live up to 7 years long by just exercising 150 minutes a week minimum. This is regardless of your weight. On top of that, these extra years are going to be happy. A recent study found, the reason for this is that people who workout report that they are happier and more excited than couch potatoes. 

  1. Saves You Money 

Okay, gym memberships are super expensive, home equipment is no better, and the price of running shoes is also going up. However, when you think about the cost of health care, you realize that it is on the rise. There are some estimates that every dollar that you spend on preventative health care will save you $2.71 in your future health care costs. That gym member does not look so bad now, does it? 

  1. Helps You in the Bedroom 

Working out is a great way of keeping you active in the bedroom. However, women also have the benefit have being able to have orgasms, thanks to working out their core. You can also tighten your vagina quickly by working out. The reason is that the pelvic floor muscle effects how tight your vagina is. 

  1. Better Self Esteem 

Working out does not only makes us look better on the outside, it also affects the way that we feel about ourselves. People who work out have higher levels of self-esteem and have less negative thoughts about body image. This helps boost confidence in other areas of our lives. 

  1. You Set a Good Example for Your Family 

There is always someone watching. Most times it is people who you know, like your family, significant other, or friends. They observe the things that you do and take note about small things about you. By working out, and having a healthy lifestyle, you are encouraging them to do the same. It’s a human nature to mirror the people who are around you in behaviors and gestures. This means that everything that you do is being watched and could be mirrored in the future. It’s more fun to be working out with someone else than by yourself, so why not let your friends and family join in? 

  1. Helps with Chronic Pain 

Chronic pain makes getting out of bed a difficult task, so why would you want to run or work out? However, there is research that shows that a moderate workout program has both short-term benefits and long-term improvements for people who have chronic pain. This also includes chronic pain caused by an underlying condition. 

Reasons to Eat Healthier and Organic Foods: 

  1. Saves You Money in the Long Term 

Ok, we know that healthy and organic food costs more, and that’s why many people do not eat healthy. Depending on what you are buying, the extra produce and lean meat will tack on $1.50 per day for food, which was found by a recent study. However, when you think back to the fact that every $1 spend on preventive health care, equals $2.71 in future costs, you are saving a lot of money. 

  1. Being Happier 

Along with keeping the doctor at bay, an apple can also keep the blues away. A study done by researchers in New Zealand found that young adults were happier and calmer, after eating more vegetables and fruit than what they normally did. The best results came from those who were eating more vegetables than fruit. 

  1. Lowers Cramps 

Ok, working out helps with PMS, and health food will fight the cramps. There is a natural alternative to every PMS pill on the market. These natural options are backed by modern science and research. If you want to flight bloat, eat fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber. Cramps can be lowered with foods rich in magnesium. Zinc helps with the mood swings, and iron will help with fatigue. 

  1. Your Immune System 

The amount that we interact with people can affect how much we get sick. To boost your immune system, you can just get the 5 fruits and vegetables that are recommended per day. There is a study that found people who ate more fruit and vegetables got sick less than other people, no matter what the rest of their diet looked like. 

  1. Helps with IBS 

Comparing irritable bowel syndrome to a stomachache is like saying that Godzilla is the similar to the Geico gecko. Yes, there is stomach pain, but a lot more of it. There is also bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. However, there is now research that links IBS and the bacteria that is a person’s gut. There is a chance that eating more probiotics will help with IBS, but more research is being done to full prove the link. 

  1. Amps Up Sex Drive 

In the past, there were a lot of foods that were hailed as aphrodisiacs, but science found that most of the effects were just placebos. However, there is new data that suggests we should have looked in the spice aisle. Research has found that eating ginger, saffron, and other healthy spices can measurably improve sexual performance and desire for both genders. 

  1. Less Bad Food Cravings 

Starting your day off with a breakfast high in protein will reduce the amount of cravings for junk food during the day. Subjects in a study did not feel deprived as they were not thinking about eating treats. Researchers think there is a link between a proteins based breakfast and high levels of dopamine. 

  1. Helps You Sleep 

With over half of the adults in the United States having at least one period of sleepless nights for more than three weeks, insomnia is now one of the biggest complaints that people have about their overall health. Luckily, good nutrition can help you sleep. A study found that people who drank a smoothie that had tart cherries in it have about 90 minutes more of sleep per night. There is other research that found foods with high amounts of magnesium helped people with insomnia fall asleep and stay asleep. 

  1. Helps with Your Workouts 

Eating healthier foods can help your workouts. The reason is that workouts cause the body to break down. Working out is hard on the cardiovascular system, muscles, and bones. How a workout affects your body depends on how your body heals the damage. Healthy food supports the growth of the muscles, and the recovery process. Protein maintains and builds muscles, and carbohydrates give more energy. 

  1. More energy 

Next time that you feel exhausted, you should get your blender out. Caffeine abuse for a long period of time will make you more tired in the long run. It can also make the effects of stress much worse and will make you tired mentally. A shake made from carbohydrates and complex protein will help with your energy levels and increase your performance. Athletes who drank a protein shake before testing showed improved performance than they did when just eating carbs in testing. 

  1. Helps with Sore Muscles 

There are many studies that show what you are eating affects the time and quality of your muscle recovery after working out. The largest factor found by the researchers was the amount of protein in the diet. Blueberries also provided relief of sore muscles. So, next time you are have sore muscles you should think about drinking a blueberry protein shake. 

  1. Clearer Skin 

Adult acne is a real thing, and most times it is due to what you are eating. Depending on the cause of the acne, changing your diet could have major changes to your skin. If you have rosacea or acne, you should think about removing dairy, processed grains, and sugary food from your diet to see if it helps. Even though the effects of removing these foods from a diet were not seen in all subjects, it is still worth trying to see if there is any improvement. 

  1. Helps You Relax 

Most people blame the food coma on Thanksgiving to the tryptophan in the turkey. While this is not completely true, the carb overload does play apart in that feeling and tryptophan does help you relax. Not having enough tryptophan raises anxiety levels, and can cause panic attacks in some people. By adding tryptophan to the subjects’ diet, they became calm. Tryptophan is found in a lot of foods like eggs, dairy, oats, and dark chocolate, so you do not need to just eat turkey.  

There are many more benefits to being healthy, but we would be here all day if we tried to list them all. A healthy body is not just about losing weight and eating more organic food. The benefits of having a healthy body can be lifelong. Taking care of yourself is one of the best things that you can do for your health.