This is Not Your Mother’s Pad

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This is Not Your Mother’s Pad

The  Serre Cleansing Ball, All Natural Tampon is actually a prophylactic tampon for super cleaning of your vagina.  The Vaginal Clean Point Tampon is one in three steps through the Vaginal Health System. 


This tampon offers natural vaginal cleansing to most likely the most important, but overlooked, body part. It uses all-natural homeopathic and holistic ingredients, combined with a Tibetan holistic blend of ingredients, to protect our most treasured wonder.

 By bringing science and bio-technology together, there are several ways in which this tampon cleanses and improves your vaginas environment by naturally providing intimate hygiene and natural vaginal cleansing. Vaginal Clean Point Tampons are for women who are inhibited by unwanted odor, redness, and itching but want to be comfortable and healthy to enjoy life’s most intimate moments.

Works Wonders

There are several ways in which this tampon is not your mother’s pad of the past. This miracle works it magic on yeast infections, cervical erosion, and pelvic inflammatory disease and provides soothing affects after a hysterectomy.

It also helps provide relief and healing for fungal vaginitis, uterine bleeding, endometriosis, trichomonas and pain during intercourse. The Vaginal Clean Point Tampon provides the vagina ample health support and healing power.

When to use and How

Three hours after sexual intercourse it can be used for prevention of abortion ailments and precautionary measures. You will need to wash hands thoroughly before placing the tampon and insert at least 7cm. Remove the tampon after three days and wash thoroughly. Do not use another for twenty-four hours.

There are several different quantities that need to be used for different types of ailments. Six tampons used one every third day need to be used for post-sex for abortion and preventive measures. Twelve tampons need to be used for trichomonas, fungal infections and cervical erosion 1.

 Eighteen tampons should be used for uterine bleeding and twenty-four for cervical erosion 2 and endometriosis. Use 30 for pelvic inflammatory disease and after a hysterectomy, while thirty-six should be used for cervical erosion in the third stage.

These tampons are profound and all natural safe effective alternative to surgeries and other chemically enhanced products. Do not use these tampons while menstruating, are a virgin or while having sexual intercourse. One needs to wait three hours after removing the tampon before having sexual intercourse and do not use at least seven days before or four days after your period.