Vaginal Rejuvenation – Why the Demand Refuses to Die Down

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An increasing number of women have been opting for vaginal rejuvenation over the past few years and they do have a reason for it. To begin with, as women age, their bodies transform due to aging/hormones, frequent intercourse as well as childbirth. One of the direct transformations that they undergo is the loss of elasticity of their vaginal walls.

This reduces sexual satisfaction for them and their partners and also adds to lack of confidence and a low self-esteem for them.

Vaginal rejuvenation gives them a new hope, a promise to regain the tightness of the vagina so that they can actively carry on with their sex lives and look youthful and firm down there along with regaining their lost confidence. Sometimes, along with vaginal rejuvenation, women may also opt for another surgery known as Labiaplasty to shape to the long or uneven labia, which beautifies the vagina from the outside.

All in all, due to these and other reasons, several hundreds of vaginal rejuvenation surgeries are performed worldwide, with the popularity of “designer vaginas” refusing to wane.

What are the Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation?

The benefits of vaginal rejuvenation are generally aesthetic but sometimes, these also include the following pointers:

Heightened sensations during lovemaking with the partner

  1. Restoring the youthful look and feel of the vagina
  2. Gives the body a sleek appearance in the lady bits that make them look attractive in tight-fitting clothes
  3. It can tighten the inner muscles of the vagina to offer better strength and control
  4. Apart from the aesthetic reasons vaginal rejuvenation also works wonders to cure bladder incontinence
  5. Sometimes there is scarring on the inner walls of the vagina owing to surgery or childbirth and vaginal rejuvenation can help cure this
  6. Women who experience painful intercourse due to hormone imbalance and too thin a vagina can find relief by opting for this procedure
  7. It can also correct certain birth defects in the vaginal area
  8. When the vagina becomes relaxed, it can lead to something known as the vaginal laxity syndrome, with a wide range of symptoms such as:
i).   Urine leakage during coughing, running or just laughing
ii).  Feeling heavy or full in the bowel
iii). A gaping vaginal opening, which is unable to contain even a tampon
iv). The vagina produces various gas-like or popping sounds during intercourse or just walking
v).  The partner tends to slip out often during intercourse

    What are the Drawbacks of Vaginal Rejuvenation?

    However, any sort of surgery also includes the possibilities of potential risks and other drawbacks.

    1. The first drawback of such surgeries, which usually involve laser is that it can be extremely expensive. Only a few people who can spare thousands of dollars can opt for this procedure and the after-care treatments or medications if any.
    2. There are several surgeons who offer vaginal rejuvenation procedures in their medical centers. However, not all of them are really qualified to perform complex surgeries. The risks become manifold when the surgeon is not credible enough.
    3. A number of medical centers only show the benefits but hide the dangers of the surgery. The language used is deliberately kept full of jargons, which makes the documents difficult to comprehend by the patient. Many of them sign on the dotted line without completely realizing the possible complications that may arise from the surgery.
    4. Vaginal rejuvenation is never 100% effective and it may not work for everyone who opts for it.
    5. The recovery time post the surgery can vary from patient to patient. However, women may often require at least 8 weeks of recovery time. During this period, they need to be extra cautious about their vagina and sex or other strenuous activities are strictly prohibited.
    6. It can also lead to short-term or long-term side effects such as:
    i).    Redness and swelling of the vagina
    ii).   Loss of sensation
    iii).  Constant bleeding
    iv).  Vaginal scars
    v).   Infection
    vi).  Painful intercourse
    vii). Tissue necrosis

      Vaginal Stick - A Better, Safer Alternative

      If vaginal rejuvenation is full of risks and if Kegel exercises are not something that is your cup of tea, you can always settle for a vaginal tightening stick. Want to know how the stick works? Read the following pointers to know:

      1. The vaginal tightening wand is herbal, made from ingredients that have been in use since ancient time.
      2. These offer instant results and can be used just a few minutes before the intercourse.
      3. The sticks can help tighten the walls of the vagina and offer a pleasurable experience to both the partners.
      4. They cost much lower than expensive surgeries and come with no unwanted risks or complications.
      5. You do not need to follow any precaution except to use the stick as prescribed. Keeping the stick inside your vagina for too long can overtighten it. Otherwise, there are no major drawbacks.

      To Conclude

      Vaginal rejuvenation is like any other surgery and can have risks along with benefits. Ultimately, it is up to you and your priorities, which will help you, decide whether you need to go for it or take the alternative, safer route to getting tighter vaginal walls.

      What is your opinion on vaginal rejuvenation? Let us know in the comments!