Vaginal Tightening Stick - Know How It Works Wonder For Women

Vaginal Tightening Stick - Know How It Works Wonder For Women

Are you going through a life crisis because you’re dissatisfied in bed?

Do you want to improve your sexual relationship with your partner but unable to do so because of a loose vagina?

Have you thought of consulting a surgeon to bring back the old fervor and pleasure you once enjoyed during intimate moments?

These are some of the questions that often haunt women and in order to make things right, they tend to take some rash decisions that don’t always work in their favor.

What they forget is the basics of knowing their body

They need to accept the fact that when women reach a certain age, their lady parts start becoming loose. This may be a result of factors ranging from aging to childbirth. While there are several methods that are advertised to “restore” the vagina to its formal glory, not everyone can afford to opt for them because of their high costs and side-effects involved.

For instance, vaginoplasty leads to risks that include but are not limited to:

  1. Anesthesia allergy
  2. Permanent scarring
  3. Infection and pain
  4. Changes in sensation

Also, many women in order to cut down on the costs, choose for cheaper surgeries and blindly trust the surgeon. In the horror of horrors, they may turn out to be inexperienced practitioners, who do more harm than good. Not to mention the transportation expenses and after-care that you’ve to bear depending on your age, hormones or any underlying disease that you may have.

Given all these complications, it makes sense to opt for a non-surgical procedure, which does the trick sans any side effects.

As for pelvic exercises, they are said to be dependable methods of restoring the vaginal elasticity. But balancing home, job and children with exercise can be a trying and tiring process! Eventually, boredom may kick in, which will make the feat even more difficult to accomplish. That’s when you start wishing for a quicker alternative, which helps you retain the vaginal tightness without any stress.

Enter vagina tightening stick

The wand-like product roughly the size of a cigar can be inserted into the vagina and withdrawn after some time makes the vagina tight. It helps women attain maximum pleasure during sexual intercourse that leads to intense orgasms.

Serre Stick is a vaginal tightening wand made from 100% natural Indonesian herbs and provides near-instant results. The recipe of this effective remedy is rooted in the ancient times and is one of the most fail-safe ways to ensure the sexual wellbeing of women.

For instance, if you’ve given birth, approaching your middle age or have any issue that has adversely affected the elasticity of the vaginal walls, you need to give this herbal stick a try. It not only makes you feel more in control of your body but also gives immense pleasure to your partner.

In case you’re wondering, here are the ingredients that are used to make Serre Stick:

  • Grassroots from Indonesian Mountains – The naturally occurring herbs have been used since ancient times to tighten the vagina. It miraculously helps rejuvenate your vagina within minutes!
  • Pearl Stratum Powder – This ingredient naturally detoxifies and is a part of traditional medicine called Jamu.
  • Curcuma Comosa – This herb belongs to the ginger family and is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It can help thicken the cells inside the vaginal walls as well as treat vagina for odor, dryness and excessive discharge.
  • Burneol – It is an ingredient collected from the teak tree in Borneo and Southeast Asia, which is commonly used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine and functions as natural alcohol. It has the ability to boost circulation. This property helps tighten the vagina naturally.
  • Alum Alumen – It is a natural mineral, which is extracted from Alum stone. This, like Burneol, tightens the vagina, stops itching and prevents excess discharge.

These ingredients collectively help tone your vaginal walls, get rid of harmful bacteria and function as a natural deodorizer. Also, the results of the stick will last for 3-5 days per application. This is what makes it every woman’s best friend.

How to use vaginal tightening wands?

A vagina tightening stick such as Serre Stick can be used easily using the following steps:

  1. Make sure you use the stick at least 15 minutes before intercourse
  2. Wet the end of the stick using warm water.
  3. Insert the wet end of the stick into the vagina.
  4. Rotate the stick properly for about 15-30 seconds inside the walls of the vagina.
  5. Remove and clean the wand for the next use.

That’s how easy it is to use Serre Stick and that too without any worries!


  1. Do not keep the stick beyond the threshold of 30 seconds at a given time. This can lead to discomfort as the vagina will become tighter than it ideally should.
  2. Don’t worry if the stick shrinks after each use, it is completely okay. Think of it as a soap, which reduces in size after giving you the desired results!
  3. Indulge in extra foreplay as the stick can make you dry and reduce natural discharge.
  4. Don’t use the stick while you’re on your period.

Even with these caveats, you can be assured that the ancient Indonesian technique to tighten the vagina tops any other option that you can have. Give Serre Stick a try and see it work magic for yourself.