Don't Let Loose Vagina Come Between You and Your Partner

Don't Let Loose Vagina Come Between You and Your Partner
Not all of us are blessed with perfect bodies.

As we age, it is natural to gain a few pounds here and there and it gets difficult to shed them. There’s also a change in the appearance and it doesn’t hit you until you take a long look in the mirror. It includes a loose vagina, which results from factors like age, diseases and vaginal childbirth.

While it is not something that necessarily leads to a negative body image, but both men and women prefer a vagina to be tight in order to maximize the pleasure during intimate moments. No wonder, vaginal rejuvenation is popular with people ready to go the distance and foot the expenses for it.

However, a loose vagina is never the end of the road and vaginal surgery is never the only option!

Here are some incredible tips, which you can use to retain the spark in your relationship from and they have nothing to do with a loose vagina!

1. Know The Body

First and foremost, know the reasons why your vagina is loose. Contrary to the popular belief, having sex multiple times is not a factor that leads to loosening the elasticity of the vagina.

You need to know the reason and stop feeling constantly burdened by just one thing. It will do you no good and instead, affect your sex life!

Understand what is changing in your body and why by talking to your gynecologist about it. This will help you face the situation far better without taking a toll on you!

 2. Introduce Novelty in the Bedroom

While it is true that a tight vagina increases the pleasure of sex for both men and women, there’s no rule in the book that stops you from trying various other methods of being intimate with your loved one!

Go all out. Be unpredictable. Think of new moves, practice a new position or surprise your partner when they are least expecting it. These are some of the ways you can break the shackles of routine and spice things up.

For instance, you can do up your bedroom with scented candles and décor to heighten the desire to be intimate. A massage with some light music or even sexy negligees can also do the trick for both of you. Even having a bubble bath at the end of a long winding day has the potential to bring you both together.

The idea is that when you think about your partner and indulge each other, it will take away your mind off everything else.

 3. Dig Up the Past

Well, not in a negative way! Remember how you used to be madly in love and couldn’t keep your hands off each other? Bring back those days of youthful passion and there’ll be no looking back for you!

Go out on dinner dates, elope to the nearby town just for fun and find new ways and places to romance each other. You can also opt for staycations or go for a mini-honeymoon of from time to time. Just do everything that you used to do when you started courting each other and let everything take it from there.

 4. Find Out More Ways to Orgasm

A desire for intense orgasms is often the reasons why women yearn for a tighter vagina. What they conveniently forget is that there are many more ways to climax apart from their toned girl parts! Find out if you’ve a secret fetish, talk to your partner about what they do that turns you on the most or just let the heat of the moment take over. Simple!

 5. Explore Safer Alternatives to Surgery

Vaginoplasty, Labiaplasty and Laser Surgery may get all the attention in the world, but you can’t deny the fact that they come with their share of disadvantages.

There are better, safer and effective alternatives that you can always explore. A vaginal tightening stick, for instance, is a 100% herbal remedy that works magic and helps you retain a tight vagina for several days. It costs next to nothing and gives the results within minutes of applying.

A case in point is a herbal vaginal tightening wand known as Serre Stick.

Made from Indonesian herbs, it is one of the best options that you can explore. Not only will it help you tighten your loose vagina naturally, but will also help keep bacteria, odor and excess discharge away. What more could you ask for!

 6. Learn to Relax

Sometimes, the stress of daily routine deteriorates your physical and mental wellbeing.

It surely helps when you take a break from things and learn to pamper yourself such as by doing activities that give you joy. Not only is this a great de-stressor but is also a great way to find the energy and motivation to rekindle the romance with your partner. It is all about being comfortable in your skin and in charge!


Every woman’s body is different and responds to treatments differently. This is what makes it complex to put a finger on any one particular surgery or treatment to ensure that your sex life is steady as a rock! Take into account these pointers and you’ll not suffer from low self-esteem due to a loose vagina. Have a say in this? Share your account, as we’re all ears.

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