Fun Begins at Forty: 9 Tips To Increase the Intimacy with your partner

Fun Begins at Forty: 9 Tips To Increase the Intimacy with your partner

Age is hardly the barrier to have fun whether you’re in your early twenties or the late forties! While there are significant changes that can affect libido, and therefore, your performance in bed, you can surely find other methods to sustain your long-term relationship.

Here are some of the ways you can increase the level of passion and intimacy with your partner even after hitting four-o!

 1. Use Love Potions

Viagra or the blue pill is recognized worldwide as a libido booster. Nevertheless, it has its share of side-effects!

Instead of discarding the whole idea, elevate your sexual well-being and “performance” with natural love potions or aphrodisiacs. Some of the natural sex drive boosters for women include but are not limited to - dates, cacao, fenugreek, passionflower, saffron and so on and so forth.

Take your pick from these to rev up your intimacy.

2. Try Phone Sex

The savior of long-distance relationships - phone sex, works wonders for couples who want to rekindle the spark. It works up your partner’s sexual appetite and makes your partner desire you at that very instant!
Sexting them at work or when you’re surrounded by friends and family is the forbidden fruit that you need to go for, just like playing footsie under the table!

Similarly, you can leave them audio messages sporadically to get them excited and looking forward to meeting you at the earliest!

Even if you’re new to the idea, you can just ease into it with breezy flirting. Who knows, it can just be the missing link that can bring back the heydays you used to enjoy with the love of your life!

3. Increase The PDA

Kissing, hugging or simply holding hands in public are ways to shower your affection and show appreciation to your partner. These public displays of affection (PDAs) lead to increased happiness and intimacy between couples. The takeaway here is to never hold back and get cozy with each other at every instance!

4. Be Confident

Let’s face it. Being confident is equivalent to being sexy.
If you don’t feel great about yourself, there’s hardly anything you can do in bed. Hence, do what it takes to be confident, which can include wearing a sexy lingerie, putting on your signature scent, being in control and voicing your desires during the act. These will help you get started.

5. Don’t Blame Yourself

More often than not, menopause and other hormonal changes as you age, that take a toll on your sex life. Apart from fluctuating mood, vaginal dryness or loose lady parts can wreck it all. There’s nothing you can do about it and therefore, blaming yourself is not going to take you anywhere! It’ll just decrease your morale and affect the bonding between you and your partner. The solution is to think and stay positive throughout without letting your physical insecurities overpower the beauty of your relationship.

6. Variety is the Spice of Life

The forties is not the end of the road as you still have a long way to go and explore the unexplored.

Make the most of this by introducing variety in your routine life instead of submitting to monotony.

From joining the mile high club to role-playing games, there’s a lot that you can look forward to with your
partner and increase the level of your closeness!

You can also contemplate a vagina rejuvenate for heightened pleasure for you and your partner. One of the ways to go about this is to use a vaginal tightening stick. It helps you tighten the walls of the vagina almost instantly and heightens the pleasure for you and your partner. The best part is that it is 100% herbal product and has no side-effects.

7. Know Your Quirks

Do you prefer a side of the bed when you’re doing it? How comfortable are you being in control? Do you like it dirty or clean?

Questions along these lines can help you address your quirks or preferences when in bed with your partner. Just make sure that you know what you want, how you want and explain the same to them.

This takes us to the next point.

8. Know What Turns Them On

Once you know what turns you on, the next step is to know what are the things or acts that turn your partner on. For this, you’ve to observe their minutest nuances when you’re in bed with them or otherwise. Chances are that they might love to cuddle right after sex or want to talk dirty.

Remember, knowing each other’s fantasies will help your relationship stay afloat for many years to come! Don’t Rush It

9. The thrill of a quickie is unbeatable.

But you can also turn up the sensuality quotient by taking it slow and steady like the good old days when you used to take one step at a time and savored the time spent together.

Increase the duration of foreplay, find ways to surprise each other at work, bake them their favorite cake or go for a romantic drive to watch the sunrise or sunset. If you’re not much of an outdoor person, run a hot bath and take a shower together to unwind after work. It will surely help you create or recreate several memories to strengthen your relationship.

10. Calling It a Day

While these are some of the tips that will keep your relationship from fizzing out, the crux is to be yourself, or the person your partner fell in love with many moons ago! Eventually, you’ll see a definite difference in your life!

Have more tips for us in add in the list? Comment and let us know!